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Delightful, green and peaceful are the adjectives that come to mind upon seeing the village of Cenarth. Straddling the Teifi river in Carmarthenshire, West Wales, this area can only be described as clean and beautiful. The scenic falls are worth the trip, but go for the overall experience.

In autumn, the salmon are leaping over the falls on their way upriver to spawn. It is recorded that over one hundred fish were caught in one morning during this event. Sea trout also inhabit the river if angling is on the agenda.

River Teifi at Cenarth

Local History

The old mill, from the thirteenth century, was in possession of Edward I when he became lord mayor of Cenarth. The gray stone reflects the eight hundred years of history in this notable landmark and looks like it leaped out of a storybook.

Over the river Teifi lies the bridge, a mere two hundred twenty-five years of age, with its circular holes set in the stone of the pylons. The holes were added for strength, and apparently it worked rather well. It seems natural to see coracles floating down the river, their passengers fishing. The coracle museum will explain in depth how these small one-person boats were made, but they were 25-40 pounds in weight so as to be carried upriver about five or ten miles. Then the boater would float down with the current catching fish on the way. It sounds idyllic on a nice warm day in the sun.

There are cottages and lodges in and around Cenarth and Cenarth Falls, but one travel option is to make a half day or day-long trip starting in Newcastle Emlyn. Ride through the Teifi Valley to Cenarth and see the sights, and then follow the road back to Cardiff. New Quay is not far out of the way, either, for a side trip. Seeing Cardigan Bay is certainly an incentive to visit there.

Things to See and Do

While in Cenarth, walking along the river and taking in the atmosphere will likely lead to hunger. The Cenarth Tea Rooms will quell it with homemade cakes and scones, sandwiches and snacks. Sit at one of the outdoor picnic tables and sip herb tea or latte and appreciate the green, woodsy vista surrounding the village. The kids can have fizzy drinks, water and juice. There is Sunday lunch if the trip occurs on that day.

This little area of Wales is full of history and points of interest and it is a peek inside part of the country that may have been overlooked before. Please consider staying in one of our log cabins when you visit Cenarth and the Falls and enjoy a week away from the routine.

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